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Jelly Wave Elegance Nightdress (LS029)

Regular price
RM 43.00
Regular price
RM 0.00
Sale price
RM 43.00

Product Information

  • Silk & mesh
  • Adjustable strap

Size Chart

M59 cm60-74 cm40-55 kg
L61 cm70-82 cm55-60 kg
  • Measurements stated may vary from 1cm-3cm as items are mass-produced.
  • The colours shown may have slight variances due to lighting & screen resolution, this may not be considered a defect.

Care Instructions

  • Hand-washing is recommended.
  • Wash each item separately during the first wash to avoid dye transfer.
  • Always use a mesh laundry bag if machine washing.
  • Always air-dry lingerie. If you choose to use a dryer, select the delicate setting.
  • Use a gentle detergent formulated for delicates if possible.

Discreet Packaging